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Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas 2022

We have just one earth and all of us should do our part to protect the earth. In the corporate gifting industry, we too can do our little part in helping to save the earth.


So let us introduce some eco friendly, useful and sustainable gift ideals for 2022. These gifts are practical and environmentally friendly to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Let us start with the Prodir True Biotic pens, these are a true sustainable gift.

These pens are created by nature for nature.

The revolutionary biopolymers of the casings for the Prodir QS40 True Biotic and DS8 True Biotic are produced naturally by millions of microorganisms. They degrade quickly and without any negative impact on the environment. They even act as fertilizers. They are part of the eternal cycle of nature, where nothing is wasted and everything is transformed.

In addition, the environmentally friendly casing is also the Lead-free ink the Prodir uses for the True biotic series. This pen is the one true eco friendly and sustainable writing instrument to go for.

We like to convey messages in our gifts, another thoughtful gift would be the plantable cards.

Made from eco paper with seeds embedded. This makes a lovely greeting card and when it had served its purpose. These cards can be planted, paper will decompose leaving the seeds to grow. Giving life in greens.

Another sustainable gift idea would be the personalised bean. that’s right, you can personalize the beans.

Imagine having your name or logo or message on the bean. After its planted, the seedlings growing up would still have your personalization on it. That is a pretty cool way to deliver your marketing goals and same time deliver a message about sustainability.

Bamboo products are another great eco friendly idea for gifting. Bamboo is a much more sustainable raw material as it grows faster, absorbs large amounts of CO2 and produces more oxygen than other plants. There are so many products that can be made from bamboo.

Some nice bamboo products that made a nice corporate would be a bamboo cheese board with tools.

Beautifully made and served as a nice practical gift. Comes with swivel top that opens up to a set of cheese tools housed beneath it.

A bamboo mobile and tablet holder is another lovely product to give away. Practical and carries your marketing message for a long time to come.

A bamboo pen is also a nice gift, reduce the use of plastic as the casing for the pen. It can look classy with metal cone and clip. A very presentable gift for a pen.

Bamboo also makes nice tea whisker, scoop and tray, a lovely gift set for anyone.

So, goodbye to the old ways of corporate gifting and hello to more a eco friendly and sustainable products. Let us do good for the environment with our businesses.

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