Prodir – DS4


High-quality personalization options such as a range of metal- and mineral-inspired colours, elegant metal clips, colour-contrasted clip holders, stylish metal push buttons, and low-polluting writing systems turn the QS50 Stone into a versatile, high-impact brand ambassador.

* Please allow up to 30 days processing time

MOQ:500 (which includes Free 1C Logo)


Soft touch

What shape is Switzerland?

Recycled materials are standard practice at Prodir. All plastic casings are made from regenerated and recycled ABS: 100% for black and white casings and 50% for coloured ones.
Soft touch
Metal button
Left, right?
Both, if possible, please.
Whatever angle you look at the DS2 from, the message is always visible. Because both wings on the push button can be printed on. This means vital claims can be stated twice.

DS4 Inspiration!

Matt Logo: 1 colour Metal button Advance Motors
Soft touch Logo: 3 colours Banque Edel
Matt Logo: 2 colours Dom
Matt Logo: 2 colours Metal button Ecotaxi
Matt Logo: 2 colours Hablar
Matt Logo: 2 colours Nasu Market
Matt Logo: 2 colours Safety
Soft touch Logo: 1 colour Swiss Q Print