Prodir DS5 Metal Clip


The clip is a miniature masterpiece made from a single piece that will showcase any logo with maximum value. You can choose from amongst four stylish satin matt finishes: graphite, gold, black and silver.

* Please allow up to 30 days processing time

MOQ:500 (which includes Free 1C Logo)




DS5 Metal Clip
Elegant minimalism.

Recycled materials are standard practice at Prodir. All plastic casings are made from regenerated and recycled ABS: 100% for black and white casings and 50% for coloured ones.


Do you hear the roaring of the sea?

In the Shell version, the casing of the new DS5 Metal Clip remains natural. It consists of 30% lime from recycled seashells, e.g. shells of French gourmet oysters. The remaining 70% come from plastic, half of which has been recycled or regenerated. The beautifully designed, very stable metal clip hovers above the casing as stylishly as a surfboard riding the perfect wave.

DS5 Metal Clip Inspiration!

Matt Logo: 1 colour Zenet
Soft touch Logo: 1 colour Two Clocks
Shell Logo: 1 colour Golden
Matt Logo: 1 colour Rioro
Matt Logo: 1 colour Frosh Markt
Matt Logo: 2 colours Board
Matt Logo: 1 colour Eye Company
Matt Logo: 1 colour Bee Cell