Prodir – DS8

A successful symbiosis of unbeatable writing comfort and high-quality, high-value marketing. Its numerous personalization options, surfaces, colours, materials and low-polluting writing systems make it a highly versatile brand ambassador.

* Please allow up to 30 days processing time

MOQ:500 (which includes Free 1C Logo)



Soft touch

Self-confidently functional.

Recycled materials are standard practice at Prodir. All plastic casings are made from regenerated and recycled ABS: 100% for black and white casings and 50% for coloured ones.
Soft touch

DS8 Inspiration!

Soft touch Logo: 2 colours Metal button Audi
Polished Logo: 1 colour Auditorio de Tenerife
Matt Logo: 2 colours Metal button Bundesliga
Soft touch Logo: 1 colour Herman Miller
Polished Logo: 2 colours H.I.S.
Matt Logo: 2 colours Kepler
Soft touch Logo: 1 colour Metal button Le Grand Bornand
Matt Logo: 3 colours Norton