Prodir – QS50


High-quality personalization options such as a range of metal- and mineral-inspired colours, elegant metal clips, colour-contrasted clip holders, stylish metal push buttons, and low-polluting writing systems turn the QS50 Stone into a versatile, high-impact brand ambassador.

* Please allow up to 30 days processing time

MOQ:500 (which includes Free 1C Logo)


Looks timeless. Feels classic. Is totally new.

QS Stone writing instruments are made of a mineral-enriched material for a sustainable 60% less plastic and 50% more weight. It’s a difference that you notice immediately when you pick it up, that adds value to your writing.
Sideral blue
Lazulite blue
Jade green
Rose quartz
Red jasper
Gold Black carbon
Silver Graphite
Mix & Match

Rock, paper…

PS7 Stone pouch is the perfect packaging to complement your choice of QS Stone writing instrument.

QS50 Inspiration!

Stone Logo: 1 colour Waldor
Stone Logo: 1 colour Luxury Dehdasht
Stone Logo: 1 colour Royal
Stone Logo: 1 colour Crònos
Stone Logo: 1 colour ad pool tools
Stone Logo: 1 colour Next Move
Stone Logo: 1 colour Blair
Stone Logo: 1 colour Ahorn Drilling