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This is a collaboration between Mahrker & Bingka. Bingka, which is named after a traditional sticky tapioca cake, was founded by two best friends from Malaysia, Adrihana and Emmalynn. Their love for their multi-cultural heritage & obsession with local food inspire them to design a series of fun, functional goods such as one of a kind tea towels to whimsical pouches. Bingka products are carefully hand printed on fabric and then sewn up into beautiful home living products. They hope to enrich living spaces with these lovingly handmade items, reminding you of home no matter where you are. Adrihana and Emmalynn share their inspirations regularly on Facebook & Instagram @bingkakl.

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Size: 105mm x 143mm
Pages: 100 Sheets
Pad Binding
Accessories: Free Pen
Packaging: Shrink wrap


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Weight 0.2 kg


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