Prodir – DS11


With just two parts, DS11 helps you keep it simple. It’s a non-nonsense pen that writes well, is infinitely refillable, and is perfect for straightforward brand messages that get right to the point.

* Please allow up to 30 days processing time

MOQ:500 (which includes Free 1C Logo)


Designer’s Choice 2024

As simple as 1 + 1.


Recycled materials are standard practice at Prodir. All plastic casings are made from regenerated and recycled ABS: 100% for black and white casings and 50% for coloured ones.

Black and White
Mix & Match

DS11 Inspiration!

Matt Logo: 1 colour Norton Race
Matt Logo: 2 colours John's Tailor
Matt Logo: 1 colour yoler
Matt Logo: 1 colour na bi
Matt Logo: 2 colours 7 Floor
Matt Logo: 1 colour Visual Research Methods
Matt Logo: 1 colour Pince Magazine
Matt Logo: 3 colours jobson road works